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Invisalign vs. Braces

The Invisalign treatment plan utilizes clear…removable aligners as an alternative to traditional metal braces

Invisalign Clear Aligners…

  • Correct and straighten teeth without uncomfortable braces
  • Speed the treatment process
  • Provide a comfortable alternative to metal braces
  • Allow you to smile with confidence…even during treatment
  • Benefit all ages of pre-teens…teenagers…adults

Invisalign and Clearly Wirefree…

  • Trusted experience of Invisalign PREFERRED PROVIDER
  • We have treated many Invisalign patients here in our office in Minnesota
  • Easily accessible to Twin City South Metro residents in Apple Valley, Burnsville, Rosemount, Lakeville, Farmington, Eagan, and Savage


Invisalign Costs – the Clearly Wirefree Advantage…

Invisalign treatment costs match those of metal braces. Even so…some orthodontic providers charge extra for Invisalign, but not Clearly Wirefree.


Clearly Wirefree considers this unfair…and unnecessary because…


  • Their Invisalign PREFERRED PROVIDER Status earns them a special relationship with the parent company…that extends to you!

  • Their affordable fee is no more expensive than metal braces…that’s savings for you!

  • Their Invisalign price is value-added!


The clear alternative to braces.

The thought of invisable braces is clearly appealing.  Straightening your teeth without metal is an incredible idea that is truly possible.  Clearly Wirefree offers the highest level of experience with the Invisalign technique in all of Minnesota.  Our convenient locatation allows for easy access by residents of Apple Valley, Burnsville, Rosemount, Lakeville, Farmington, Eagan, and Savage.

Whether you feel your smile needs only subtle adjustment or extensive improvements, Invisalign invisible braces can answer the call.  Invisalign is constantly updating and upgrading their  technology so that it is successful in treating the full spectrum of teeth issues:

  • mild and severe crowding

  • teeth with spaces or gaps

  • overbites

  • underbites

  • crossbites

If you have been told that Invisalign won't work for need a second opinion from Clearly Wirefree.




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